Magazine Base Extension

New to the Coronado line, these rugged, two-piece magazine bases secure firmly to Magpul Gen 3 P-Mag magazine.

Our extended magazine bases . . .

  • Increase magazine capacity by 5 rounds.
  • Add weight to the magazine base, facilitating fast and consistent magazine ejection, ensuring that the magazine clears the firearm in preparation for the re-load.
  • Are manufactured from aircraft grade 6061 aluminum.
  •  Are anodized in a variety of colors options.
  • Have a two piece design that completely captures the base of the magazine and is assembled with a single screw.
  • Are manufactured with a spring pocket to locate the magazine spring, preventing the spring from shifting in the bottom of the magazine, thus enabling smooth, consistent operation.
  • The front of the Magazine Base can be removed to facilitate easy cleaning and also to prevent spring damage during complete dis-assembly of the magazine.
  • Are also compatible with Gen 2 P-Mags.

Price: $30.00