“The way the original settlers in Coloma, California felt about discovering the first gold in the state could be the closest way of describing the way you will feel when you own your first Coronado Arms Rifle.”

Coronado Arms is not just another firearms company. It is a company that breeds passion from its roots and exudes quality from every step into its existence. Originated out of Northern California, Coronado Arms was started by Curt Chastain, a man who used his profound interest for firearms and the genes of his family to start down the path of creating a line of rifles that exemplifies passion and precision.

Over two years of uncountable hours from designing the parts to manufacturing them over and over until everything was absolutely perfect; now in late 2012, Coronado Arms presents you with a line of bolt-action rifles. Handcrafted pieces created from one mans tenacity to produce a product that high end firearm collectors can appreciate and all firearms owners can value.

The complete Coronado Arms family of rifles are 100% manufactured in the Dixon, California facility. Every piece of each gun was designed by the owner specifically with the intent and purpose to create the absolute best in bolt-action rifles. From the rugged Desperado to the refined and elegant Coloma, Coronado Arms is bigger than the man who made them, and more than just the companies’ name. It’s a company that offers a firearm that is precise, functional, made with heart and will offer you the best device to do what you love.